About Me

I'm into VueJS, Performant Databases and all things web.

Stanley Clark

I'm Stanley Clark. I love to focus on the expanding frontier of web development. I'm interested in all things front end, including using webpack, vue, node, writing performant vanilla JS and lots more. Not limiting myself to just pure technologies I see the importance of proper SEO for web sites and the importance of conversion rates vs user satisfaction balance on any website.

Currently I'm busy with expanding my knowledge by participating in a master's degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Web Science. This really fits perfectly into helping me understand the web and to be able to build performant web applications using proper architecture and performant databases, which can be see right here on GitHub.

This area of focus is a great advantage in my work as a front end web developer for Studyportals. I work on a high traffic website in a search team and used to be a scrum master before starting my studies again, thus I have always enhanced my knowledge with the help of my team mates and continue to do so. I'm currently working on implementing a geo-targeting solution for studies on the website and converting the search page into a single page application.

Besides that, I simply love trance music, playing the trombone, and of course living in the city of light that is Eindhoven. I try to take time away from the computer to read science fiction novels and really love languages (I can speak 3).